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From Zero to Hero Professional job hunting service flows

One-stop services, you only need to take the first step

Career Planning

Planning of career
direction and goals

Competitiveness assessment

Comprehensive assessment on competitiveness in job hunting

Competence Enhancement

Learn and promote soft/hard competitiveness

Background Promotion

Internship resources of TOP enterprises

Sending resumes

Well-chosen resumes/internal recommendations


Tests, Interview Rehearsals, Case Analysis

Experience our lectures

Hot Companies in Recruitment

Top enterprises’ recruitment calendar in 2023, control your plans for campus recruitments

Internet Finance Big 4/8 Accounting Firms Consulting
More recruitment information

Resume RefinementMake your resume a booster to offers

Guided by professional instructors, resume evaluation + digging past experiences + producing final resumes

Competitiveness evaluation

  • Resume evaluation
  • Competitiveness analysis
  • Professional and soft competence assessment

Chinese and English resumes

  • Comprehensive plans for resume contents
  • Vocabulary and structure optimization for Chinese and English resumes
  • PAR Principles

Chinese resume refinement

  • Past experience digging
  • Past experience reshaping
  • Final drafts of Chinese resumes

Final drafts of English resumes

  • Vocabulary and layout standardization of English resumes
  • Reviews and refinements by professional translators
  • Final drafts of English resumes

Cover Letter and Appreciation Letter

  • Guidance on how to write cover letters
  • Guidance on how to write appreciation letters

Competence enhancement,study working skills

enhance competitiveness 300+ professional instructors, covering 6 major employment directions and 4 gradually deepened grades

General kNowledge to start with

  • Learn about the industry and the trends
  • Confirm position duties
  • Guide job hunting decisions

Job hunting skills

  • from resume to interviews
  • Lecture studies and guidance services
  • Opening accounts on all recruitment platforms and setting professional skills

Professional Skills

  • Special courses, study professional kNowledge
  • Project simulation, grasp necessary skills
  • Enhance competitiveness

Case explanation

  • Explanation of cutting-edge hot cases every week
  • Courses + Exercises, deepen your professional understandings
  • Real cases, accumulate your vocabularies for interviews

Q&A with instructors from top enterprises

  • Remote consulting with instructors from top enterprises
  • 300+ instructors covering all industries
  • 5-10 years’ service experiences

pass the interviews and shine

thorough guidance to your interviews. beat the interviews in one breath. one-to-one guidance from instructors of all industries.

1v1 interview courses with experienced HR

  • general interview courses acquaint you with industries
  • analyze enterprises’ needs and guide interview skills
  • simulate and rehearse interviews

Interview tutorships from incumbent instructors

  • analyze resumes and propose interview strategies
  • explanations to professional questions
  • providing targeted interview tutorships

group interview simulation

  • dissecting top enterprises’ group interview rules
  • instructions on problem logic and group interview skills
  • real simulation by 4-8 members with evaluations from instructors

recent test and interview experiences

  • rich storage of tests of top enterprises
  • popular test and interview experiences of the year
  • real-time tutorships to your problems

Interview replay

  • summarize experiences after interviews
  • assistance with replay documents
  • analyze problems in interviews and promote your performances

connect with resources of the industry,choose your ideal enterprise

guidance and resume evaluations from professional instructors + digging past experiences + producing the final resume

Internship background promotion

  • recommendations from thousands of enterprises
  • covering Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities
  • core positions, complementing shortcomings of your internships

Colorful internship forms

  • all-rounded industries, flexible methods
  • free choices from PTA to field internships
  • flexible internship periods, available in winter vacations

Recommendations to full-time positions in top enterprises

  • make the best matching
  • unlimited recommendations from collaborated enterprises during service
  • official positions, official procedures
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Top enterprises review on outstanding students

from rehearsals to practices, upgrade your resumes, secure offers to top enterprises

I’m honored and happy to >have obtained an ideal offer. Honestly, I had no confidence and felt helpless before all these happened. Thanks to the assistance from Candy. She helped me throughout the path. I sincerely wish you a better prospect!


Stevens Institute of Technology
MSc in Information System

Rachel is really responsible, she provided careful instructions so patiently. I couldn’t even believe myself when I received my ideal offer. Thank you for your help!


Purdue University
Master of Engineering Science

I gained my ideal full-time offer with the diligent guidance from my instructor! I appreciate the concerns and instructions that Amy so patiently gave me!


Oregon State University
Master of Supply Chain Logistics Management
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TogoCareer CEO / Founder
TogoCareer’s advisor team sticks to the consulting industry’s service concept of professionalism.
We are committed to planning the most reasonable and efficient career development path for students.
We provide customized job hunting solutions.


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Our professional instructors

We focus on providing pre-service education to overseas students. Our goal is to function as the Career Office for overseas students around the globe.

Founder of TogoCareer, Former IBM/Google’s Director of Strategy Consulting, Vice President of an Online Education Institution. With rich experiences in career planning

Ryan Hu

Former IBM / Google’s Director of Strategy Consulting

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree at Peking University, founder of a marketing consulting company, former IBM Management Consultant; possessed 8 years’ experience in management consulting, served at multiple leading enterprises


Former IBM Management Consultant

Core Business Analyst of domestic short video giant Kuaishou, served as Business Analytics Director of Meituan-takeout, with rich business analytics experiences


Business Analytics Director of Meituan

With 10 years’ Marketing experience; served at the world's top 500 food FMCG companies; served as TMM at global top 500 enterprises and top FMCG companies


Served as TMM in the world's top 500 FMCG company

Senior Product Director of Baidu Mobile Business Division; used to serve at NetEase News, responsible for product planning and designing of Baidu Mobile Application


Product Director of Baidu Mobile Business Division

With a Master's Degree from the Group of Eight; functioned as PMO Project Manager; possess rich experience of commercial banking business and information management

Grace Niu

Project Manager, Head Office of the Five Largest Banks

Instructor Course Audition

We are TogoCareer

The most professional job consultant for international students

TogoCareer dedicates to providing professional services for international students in their job hunting. We exploit our years of rich contacts and work experience in foreign enterprises, Internet companies, financial industries and the world's top 500 companies to bridge the gap between overseas campuses and domestic famous enterprises. Our team provides detailed industrial and corporate information for returnees. We customize career development path for overseas students, and provide services to improve their professional skills, soft competitiveness, industrial experience and interview techniques. We are obligated to assist more international students in self-positioning, help them locate the booming industry and develop their own career.

  • Comprehensive Job-seeking
  • Industry Profession Analysis
  • Job-seeking Package Preparation
  • Convoyed Post Application
  • Soft&Hard Skills Training
  • Industry Alumni Community
  • Written Examination/Interview
  • One-to-one Industry Tutors
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